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Student Handbook

Grading Scales

Honors         Regular

Course         Course

A: 100-90     A: 100-93

B: 89-80       B: 92-85

C: 79-70       C: 84-75

D: 69-60       D: 74-67

F: 59-0          F: 66-0

Daily Schedule


1st: Honors Algebra 1

2nd: Algebra 1

3rd: Algebra 1

4th: Freshman Football



1st: Algebra 1

2nd: Algebra 1

3rd: Algebra 1

4th: Freshman Football


Chris Kennady

About Coach Kennady

As a proud Parkway Alumnus, I am so excited to be back in these halls.  I graduated from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge majoring in Mathematics Education. I understand the fears that some students have regarding mathematics, and my goal is to dispel these fears and make mathematics fun.  Mathematics job opportunities are growing with the advancement of technology, and I want to ensure that Parkway students are prepared for these jobs.  I will be using technology in my classroom and for some homework activities.  I would like to use the majority of my classroom time for practice—not lecture.  Students will be expected to complete some activities out of the classroom to prepare for practice. I want to encourage the students to use their thinking skills—not do the thinking for them.

Entering my second year here at Parkway,I will be teaching Algebra I and honors Algebra I in the classroom. I will be coaching Freshman and Varsity Football along with also coaching Baseball.


Please contact me for any concerns that arise. 


Go Panthers!!



General Classroom Rules

  1. Be on time and prepared for class.  
  2. Respect yourself, other students, and the teacher.
  3. Persevere through struggle, believe in yourself, and never give up.
  4. Keep my classroom clean.
  5. Remember GRIT:
  • Give it your all
  • Redo if necessary
  • Ignore giving up
  • Take time to do it right

Contact Information

Classroom Phone: (318) 759-2285




Room B163

Math Websites

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Parent Pacing Guides

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