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2017 - 2018 Course Syllabi

Click the course title to download the course syllabus to 2017 - 2018.  Grading scales for each course are included in the syllabi.

Intro. Engineering & Design


Daily Schedule


1st Blk - Planning Block


Channel One


2nd Blk - Wrestling/Lacrosse Strength & Conditioning




3rd Blk - Intro. Engineering & Design


4th Blk - Geometry

Wrestling Calendar
Wrestling Calendar

Emmett Beggs


Teacher Wish List

There are a lot of consumables we use in the classroom on a daily basis. I do my best to keep a supply, but it can get expensive. If you are looking at ways to help keep enough supplies for the classroom, the following are always needed and appreciated. Thank You!

Four EXPO markers

 “AAA” batteries (These are for the TI-84 Graphing Calculators)

 “AA” batteries (These are for the Bose-Bots)

Lysol Wipes


Bio Information

- Married to Lindsey Beggs (10 years)

- Daughter Baylor (11), Son Sawyer (7), Daughter Palmer (3 months)

- Assistant Coach Football 2011 - Present

- Head Coach Wrestling 2012 - Present

- 2015 - 2016 Teacher of the Year

- Webmaster (2013 – present)

- Engineering Team Coach & Sponsor (2014 – present)

- Robotics Team Coach & Sponsor (2014 – present)

- CyberPatriot Coach (2013 – present) – Finished 5th Nationally in 2014 & 5th nationally in 2016

- Analysis & Investigation in Cyber-Based Scenarios Team Coach - Finished 2nd in 2015 & 4th in 2016 at LA Tech

- I have taught the following classes:  Algebra I Part I and Part II, Geometry, Intro. Algebra and Geometry, Algebra II, Intro. Engineering and Design, Cyber Science, Cyber Literacy, Education for Careers, AP Computer Science, Foundations of Algebra, and Weights & Conditioning.

- I began my coaching career in Shreveport coaching lacrosse (C.E. Byrd Girls Head Coach 10 years, Caddo Magnet Boys Head Coach 2 years, Captain Shreve Boys Head Coach 8 years) winning 10 state championships and 12 city titles as a coach before coming to Parkway.  I was an All-State defenseman junior and senior year of high school while winning 3 state championships during my high school career.  Currently at Parkway, the wrestling team just won it's 4th team state championship.

Emmett Beggs
Emmett Beggs

Contact Information


Phone: (318) 759-2276

Room #: B154

Emmett Beggs Locker
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