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PBS Committee Members
Contact Rick Bryant  Rick Bryant (318) 759-2241 US History, Athletic Director
Contact Amy Hoechten  Amy Hoechten (318) 759-2281 English IV, Senior Project
Contact Debi Jacobe  Debi Jacobe (318) 759-2312 Art Teacher, Graduation Coordinator, PBIS Chairperson
Contact Brian Rayner  Brian Rayner (318) 759-2350 Physical Education (Department Head), Varsity Football Coach and Varsity Basket


Positve Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS)

Positve Behavior Interventions & Supports (PBIS) is an approach to viewing and dealing with social control issues within the school community using proactive methodologies to positively affect the entire educational experience. Often requiring a mind-shift from traditional methods of discipline and management, according to Andrea M. Cohn in her piece entitled Positive Behavioral Supports Information of Educators, PBIS has “proven to significantly reduce the occurrence of problem behaviors in the school, resulting in a more positive school climate and increased academic performance.” Over the past year, a team having broad representation of Parkway High School’s faculty has undergone focused training in preparation for the school-wide introduction and ultimate implementation of PBIS. Parkway’s PBIS team efforts have resulted in the development of strategies aimed at defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors. The foundation from which Parkway’s PBIS system is built upon is the school-wide expectation that Parkway Panthers are SHARP: Safe, Honest, Accountable, Respectful, and Present. These characteristics capture the essence of the behaviors faculty and students should expect of themselves and each other.
Parkway's School-wide Expectations
Parkway's School-wide Expectations

PBIS Incentives/Rewards

Overview: Incentives are used to reward appropriate behaviors that support the school-wide behavioral expectations.

Concepts: Reward/Recognition Program Established

  • A system of rewards has elements that are consistent across campus.
  • Rewards are available at a variety of levels (hierarchical, tangible, intangible).
  • Rewards are linked to expectations.
  • Rewards are varied to maintain student interest.
  • System includes opportunities for naturally occurring reinforcement.
  • Ratios of reinforcement to corrections are high.
  • Students are invovled in identifying/developing incentives.
  • The system includes incentives for staff and faculty.

PBIS Team Strategy: As the PBS Team began discussion related to the development of Parkway's Reward/Recognition Program, we kept in mind the complexity of such an undertaking, thus an agreement was reached early on to "keep it simple" as we entered our first year of PBS implementation and further agreed as our understanding and faculty/community commitment grew, our efforts would become increasingly more sophisticated. As a result, two Reward/Recognition Programs were established to support positive behavior school-wide.

Program #1-SHARP Tickets: Every adult having contact with a student at Parkway High School, to include the administration, counselors, teaching staff, clerical staff, paraprofessionals, custodial staff, food service, school nurse, SRO, and bus drivers, have been given fifty SHARP tickets for distribution. Each adult educator have been instructed to reward students with a red SHARP ticket when they are caught being "exceptionally" SAFE, HONEST, ACCOUNTABLE, RESPECTFUL, AND/OR PRESENT! The student recipient is told to place his/her ticket in the PBS SHARP box located in the Main Office for a chance to win one of several prizes in a drawing to take place at the end of each eighteen weeks. Additionally, the staff member who awarded the "winning" ticket (as notated by the staff member's signature on the reverse side) also wins a prize.

Program #2-Zero Tardies for 9 weeksStudents who arrived to classes without receiving a tardy for the first nine weeks of school will be invited to a "snack" break during the normal school day. Not to worry, the chosen "snack" will fit into the parish Wellness Policy guidelines. Students falling short of this standard the first nine weeks will have a additional opportunities the next nine weeks and beyond as their records will be wiped clean.  You will have to be EXCEPTIONALLY PRESENT to meet this can be done!

PBIS Team Purpose/Goals

To generate new knowledge and understanding of Parkway High School's behavioral expectations and related policies affecting student achievement based on both quantitative and perceptual data; To seek school wide faculty and community commitment to the fundamental beliefs and values from which PBIS was built upon.