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College Signees

Carly Hanson-Piedmont College
Carly Hanson-Piedmont College
Lindsey Hutcheson-Southeastern Louisiana
Lindsey Hutcheson-Southeastern Louisiana
Cassidy Cummings-Cowley County Community College
Cassidy Cummings-Cowley County Community College
Rylie McConnell-Cowley County Community College
Rylie McConnell-Cowley County Community College
Jacob Hammons-Northwestern
Jacob Hammons-Northwestern
Celseste Cordova-McNeese
Celseste Cordova-McNeese
Hayden Kingfisher-LSU
Hayden Kingfisher-LSU
Simon Moradel-LSUS
Simon Moradel-LSUS
Nathan Poovey-Southern Arkansas
Nathan Poovey-Southern Arkansas
Alison Ringle-Albama
Alison Ringle-Albama
Kaleigh Newman-LSUS
Kaleigh Newman-LSUS
Destiny McGaffey and Jessica McGuffee-Southern Arkansas
Destiny McGaffey and Jessica McGuffee-Southern Arkansas
Rebekah Hensley-LSUS
Rebekah Hensley-LSUS
Taylor Bazo-Arkansas State
Taylor Bazo-Arkansas State
Alayna Nevins-Southern Arkansas
Alayna Nevins-Southern Arkansas
Skylor Reese-NSU
Skylor Reese-NSU
Lucas Moncla-NSU
Lucas Moncla-NSU
Delilah Montero-Centenary
Delilah Montero-Centenary
Hollie Hubbard-Louisiana College
Hollie Hubbard-Louisiana College
Becca Meehan-NSU
Becca Meehan-NSU
Matt Wolfe-LA Tech
Matt Wolfe-LA Tech
Claire Clark-ULM
Claire Clark-ULM
Brandi Barber-Missouri Valley
Brandi Barber-Missouri Valley
Deanna Breaux-Ohio Wesleyan
Deanna Breaux-Ohio Wesleyan
Michael Haydel-Centenary
Michael Haydel-Centenary
Joey Lanzillotti-Texas A&M
Joey Lanzillotti-Texas A&M
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State Championship Teams

State Champions

2013 Girls 5A State Champions

2010 Boys 4A State Champions

2004 Boys 4A State Champions

State Runner-Up

2016 Boys 5A State Runner-Up

2007 Girls 4A State Runner-Up

2006 Girls 4A State Runner-Up

Region 1-5A Champions (started in 2016)

2016 Boys Regional Champions

2016 Girls Regional Champions

1-5A District Champions (member since 2011)

2016 Boys District Champions

2016 Girls District Champions

2015 Boys District Champions

2015 Girls District Champions

2014 Boys District Champions

2014 Girls District Champions

2013 Girls District Champions

2012 Boys District Champions

2012 Girls District Champions

2011 Boys District Champions

2011 Girls District Champions

Parkway Boys Win Border Dash

Parkway won the boys division in the Louisiana Border Dash cross country meet Saturday at South Bossier Park.
The high school divisions featured 35 boys and girls teams and almost 400 runners.
There was also a middle school event.
Six Parkway runners placed in the top 10 in the boys division.
The Panthers scored 30 points to 81 for runner-up Cedar Creek. Clinton, Miss., was third with 125 and Ruston fourth with 129.
Cole Billiot led the Panthers with a fourth-place finish, covering the 3-mile course in 16 minutes, 37.3 seconds.
Andrew Robinson was fifth in 16:46.0, Austin Jacobsen sixth in 16:51, Andrew Waxham eighth in 16:58.3, Clayton Wood ninth in 16:59.9 and Tyler Kruithof 10th in 17:04.6.
Cedar Creek’s Gabe Poulin won in 15:50.1 Byrd runners Allen England and Austin Midovich finished 2-3 in 16:10.4 and 16:16.5, respectively.
The Parkway boys, 5A state runners-up last season, are off to a strong start. The Panthers finished second in the SFA Lumberjack Invitational on Sept. 2 in Nacogodoches, Texas. Billiot was the individual winner.
Parkway’s Jazz Rasouliyan finished third in the girls division in 20:35.1.

Parkway Boys Cross Country Best 2004-2018

  1. 15:25.00 Kingfisher, Hayden Calvary Baptist XC Invitational 2014-09-13
  2. 15:29.00 Billiot, Cole Ark-La-Tex Border Dash 2015-09-19
  3. 15:32.00 Hammons, Jacob Ark-La-Tex Border Dash 2015-09-19
  4. 15:33.89 Rogers, Cameron Region 1-5A Championships 2016-11-05
  5. 15:36.00 Wolfe, Matt LHSAA State XC Championships 2008-11-18
  6. 16:03.00 Robinson, Andrew Region 1-5A Championships 2016-11-05
  7. 16:06.00 Morgan, David Region 1-5A Championships 2016-11-05
  8. 16:06.26 Bazo, Taylor LHSAA State Championships 2012-11-12
  9. 16:09.00 Meehan, Jay District 1-5A/1-2A Championship 2010-11-06
  10. 16:23.08 Johnston, Kamren LHSAA State Championships 2005-11-15
  11. 16:24.00 Harville, Steven District 1-5A/1-2A Championship 2010-11-06
  12. 16:28.00 Kruithof, Tyler Ark-La-Tex Border Dash 2016-09-17
  13. 16:30.33 Vatovek, Chance LHSAA State Championships 2012-11-12
  14. 16:30.40 Fant, Prynceton Catholic High Invitational 2014-10-11
  15. 16:36.61 Haydel, Michael LHSAA State Championships 2004-11-16
  16. 16:37.40 Poovey, Nathan Catholic High Invitational 2014-10-11
  17. 16:38.00 Delacruz, Brencen Region 1-5A Championships 2016-11-05
  18. 16:41.60 Reese, Skylor LHSAA State Championships 2012-11-12
  19. 16:42.25 Daniel, Billy LHSAA State Championships 2004-11-16
  20. 16:45.93 Nevins, Christian Ark-La-Tex Border Dash 2016-09-17
  21. 16:50.00 Moncla, Lucas Calvary Invitational 2011-09-17
  22. 16:51.00 Jacobsen, Austin Border Dash Invitational 2017-09-16
  23. 16:53.13 Livesy, Chase LHSAA State Championships 2011-11-14
  24. 16:58.30 Waxham, Andrew Border Dash Invitational 2017-09-16
  25. 16:59.90 Wood, Clayton Border Dash Invitational 2017-09-16


Parkway Girls Cross Country All-Time Best

1.           17:41.50 Funderburk, Sara Catholic High Invitational 2015-10-10

2.           17:53.00 Ringle, Alison Calvary Invitational 2013-9-124

3.           18:44.27 Nevins, Alayna LHSAA State Championships 2012-11-12

4.           18:55.30 Cordova, Celeste Catholic High Invitational 2015-10-10

5.           19:12.44 Wilcher, Jayni LHSAA State Championships 2012-11-12

6.           19:13.00 Clark, Claire NSU Invitational (High School) 2006-10-14

7.           19:14.00 Wilder, Adrianna Region 1-5A Championships 2016-11-05

8.           19:28.30 Cummings, Cassidy Catholic High Invitational 2015-10-10

9.           19:31.00 Hutcheson, Lindsey Region 1-5A Championships 2016-11-05

10.         19:35.00 Hanson, Carly Region 1-5A Championships 2016-11-05

11.         20:02.83 Hanson, Morgan LHSAA State XC Championships 2007-11-13

12.         20:13.92 Ditt, Olivia LHSAA State XC Championships 2007-11-13

13.         20:14.15 Langen, Kenzie Catholic High Invitational 2015-10-10

14.         20:14.39 McGuffee, Jessica LHSAA State Championships 2013-11-18

15.         20:17.43 McGaffey, Destiny LHSAA State Championships 2012-11-12

16.         20:29.00 McConnell, Rylie Ark-La-Tex Border Dash 2015-09-19

17.         20:29.68 McGaffey, Ariel Menard Invitational 2013-10-19

18.         20:35.10 Rasouliyan, Jazz Border Dash Invitational 2017-09-16

19.         20:43.00 Cowan, Codee District 1-5A/1-2A Championship 2010-11-06

20.         20:43.00 Wheelahan, Mary Lauren Menard Invitational 2005-10-15

21.         20:50.00 Meehan, Becca LHSAA State XC Championships 2008-11-18

22.         20:51.00 Hanson, Carly 1-5A District Championships 2016-10-27

23.         21:05.00 Bagley, Cassie Menard Invitational 2005-10-15

24.         21:07.00 Newberg, Brandi NSU Invitational (High School) 2006-10-14

25.         21:12.04 Montero, Delilah LHSAA State Championships 2011-11-14




Parkway Sweeps District 1-5A Titles

Parkway swept the boys’ and girls’ team and individual titles in the District 1-5A Cross Country Championships on Thursday at South Bossier Park.

Cole Billiot won the boys’ division, and Adrianna Wilder won the girls’.

The Parkway boys scored 29 points. Airline finished runner-up with 35. The Parkway girls scored 27 points to 60 for runner-up Airline. Haughton finished third with 87, one ahead of Captain Shreve.

Billiot covered the 3-mile course in 15 minutes, 37 seconds. Airline freshman Will Dart held off Parkway’s Cameron Rogers at the finish to take the runner-up spot. Dart ran a 16:03, 1 second faster than Rogers.

Parkway and Airline runners took the 13 of the top 14 places.

Other Panthers in the scoring were David Morgan (seventh, 16:37), Andrew Robinson (eighth, 16:42) and Christian Nevins (10th, 16:52). Other Vikings in the scoring were Taejon Morris (fifth, 16:29), Seth Papineau (sixth, 16:33), Joshua Burns (ninth, 16:44) and Xavier Wilson (13th, 17:13.79).

Parkway’s Brencen Delacruz and Tyler Kruithof finished 11th and 12th, respectively. Austin Jacobsen was 14th.

Parkway took three of the top four spots in the girls division.

Wilder ran a 19:26, 18 seconds faster than teammate and runner-up Lindsey Hutcheson. Haughton’s Emily Sharp was third in 20:31 and Parkway’s Carly Hanson fourth in 20:51.

Other Lady Panthers in the scoring were Keely Reed (ninth, 22:09) and Alyssa Ramirez (11th, 22:38). Teammates Jazz Rasouliyan and Ariel McGaffey finished 12th and 13th, respectively.

Bethanie Dunn led Airline with a sixth-place finish in 21:20. Anneliese Jones finished eighth in 21:51. Other Lady Vikings in the scoring were Kimmi Yarrington (14th, 23:17), Riley Lear (15th, 23:49) and Hailey Wainwright (17th, 24:01).

The top 10 runners in each division made the All-District 1-5A teams with the winners earning MVP honors. Byrd’s Austin Mikovich along with those mentioned above from Airline and Parkway made the boys’ team.

In addition to the Airline, Parkway and Haughton runners mentioned above, Captain Shreve’s Georgia Hilburn (fifth), Shreve’s Olivia Hilburn (seventh) and Byrd’s Grace Loftin (10th) made the girls’ team.

Parkway Captures Border Dash Cross Country Titles

Parkway’s Cole Billiot and Adrianna Wilder raced to individual medalist honors, while leading the Panthers to repeat team titles on Saturday in the second annual Ark-La-Tex Border Dash at South Bossier Park.

Billiot, a junior, finished first for a second consecutive year with a 15:52 time, topping Tyler McVay of West Ouachita (16:13) and Allen England of Byrd (16:18), who won the recent Byrd cross country title.

Wilder, a junior who moved from Maryland to Bossier City over the summer, finished in 19:43 to beat Lanie Jordan (20:05) of Anderson High School (Austin, Texas) and Parkway’s Lindsey Hutcheson (20:16).

“We had 22 high school teams and 18 middle school teams with around 750 runners, so we were really excited about the growth of this event,” said Parkway coach Kent Falting, who received some good-natured ribbing Monday from The Times video showing him with a faulty starter pistol. “The weather cooperated and a lot of kids got to run, which exposes a lot of people to this sport.”

The Parkway boys had 7 of the top 12 finishers from among the 172 varsity boys’ entries. Cameron Rogers, Andrew Robinson, Tyler Kruithof, David Morgan, Brencen Delacruz and Christian Nevins were the leading Panthers. Cedar Creeks’ Gabe Poulin finished fourth, while Byrd’s Austin Mikovich was eighth.

“We are working toward the state title, which we should have a shot at,” Falting said. “We ran 50 miles during the week before the event, so we are just continuing to progress.”

The times of the top five finishers from a school count toward the team title, although the seventh and eighth place finishers from a school can displace the score of another runner.

On the girls’ side, Parkway had 6 of the top 13 finishers to score 1:45:16 and top Anderson (1:48:46) and Cedar Creek (1:54:52). In addition to Wilder and Hutcheson, Carly Hanson, Ariel McGaffey, Victoria Morris, Keely Reed and Nicole Kellogg led the Lady Panthers against the 126 entrants.

Haughton’s Emily Sharp was fourth in 20:44, while Cedar Creek’s Lauren Osafo was 11th (22:02) and Caddo Magnet’s Mia Cook was 12th  (22:16).

The Anderson team, competing in the event for the first time, finished second in the team standings in both the boys’ and girls’ divisions.

“They were very pleased and said they were planning to come back next year,” Falting said. “They had about 43 runners. They chartered a bus, spent the night here and let the kids go down to the Boardwalk on Friday night.”

Parkway Sweeps District 1-5A!

Parkway swept the boys’ and girls’ team titles in the District 1-5A cross country meet, Monday afternoon.

At South Bossier Park, Parkway scored 26 points in the boys’ division to 40 for runner-up Airline. Byrd finished third with 92.

Parkway scored a near-perfect 16 points in the girls’ division with five of the top-six finishers, including the top four. Airline was runner-up with 57.

Parkway also swept the individual titles.

Jacob Hammons took the 1-5A boys’ crown, covering the 3-mile course in 16 minutes, 24 seconds. Airline’s Seth Papineau was runner-up in 16:28.

Parkway’s Cole Billiot was third in 16:34 followed by Airline’s Kaleb Sahlie (16:37) and Byrd’s Allen England (16:38).

Other Parkway runners in the scoring were Cameron Rogers (sixth, 16:45), Tyler Kruithof (seventh, 17:25) and Andrew Robinson (ninth, 17:39).

Parkway’s Sara Funderburk, the defending Class 5A state champ, won the girls’ title in 19:33. She was followed by teammates Celeste Cordova (20:14), Cassidy Cummings (20:42) and Mackenzie Langen (21:00). Captain Shreve’s Samantha Hilburn was fifth (21:22) and Parkway’s Lindsey Hutcheson sixth (21:26).

Parkway sweeps individual XC Class 5A titles

Hayden Kingfisher always wanted to win an LHSAA individual title with former Parkway runner Alison Ringle.

That duo never won one together, but when Sara Funderburk completed a comeback to win the individual Class 5A girls cross country title, Kingfisher knew this was Parkway’s chance for the sweep.

The senior built an early lead, which isn’t his normal style, and held off St. Paul’s Eric Coston to win his first Class 5A boys individual title.

“Eric Coston was breathing down my neck the whole time, and I was just trying to stay in front of me,” said Kingfisher, who clocked a 15:35.77 in the 3-mile run to win by nearly three seconds. “I knew if he passed me, I wouldn’t be able to pass him back.

“When I heard that Sara won, that was another drive and motivation to get in front and win the race.”

Funderburk entered the last 300 meters trailing St. Joseph’s Annie Hill, but the junior found another gear to win by five seconds. Funderburk ran an 18:40.12 to finish 24 seconds better than any other champion.

“I didn’t know what to expect, and I had heard a lot about Annie Hill — and she pushed me today,” Funderburk said. “(Parkway coach Kent Falting) told me to start kicking (with a mile left), and I’m really good with my kick and it’s something I work on.

“I felt like once we got on the track (last 300 meters), I would be able to pass her.”

Falting said he discussed with Funderburk about running to the point of “exhaustion” during a race, and both Funderburk and Kingfisher were visibly exhausted climbing onto the podium to accept their medals.

Falting said this is the first Class 5A championship meet in which the boys and girls individual winner has come from the same school. Several of the top cross country programs are all-boys or all-girls schools, but Parkway is continuing to make its mark as a public school cross country power.

“We’re headed in the right direction, and North Louisiana doesn’t get a whole lot of credit for cross country,” Falting said. “It’s great to see kids show up at a school and put in the hard work and turn it into something special.”

Both the boys and girls teams finished fifth in their respective races. Parkway’s Celeste Cordova placed 17th (20:22.16) and Ariel McGaffey 42nd (21:23). The Parkway girls won the team title this past season, and with everybody returning, Falting feels like they’ll be contenders in 2015.

Jacob Hammons finished 18th (16:36) to help the boys to their fifth-place finish. Nathan Poovey, a Southern Arkansas signee, placed 41st (17:02).

PXC Down Under!

Congratulations to Cameron Rogers for representing Team USA in the Down Under Sports XC Meet in New Zealand. Cam finished 18th overall out of 3,300 runners from all over the world and finished as the 3rd fastest runner on Team USA.



COACH Information
Contact Kent Falting  Kent Falting (318) 759-2243 Geometry, Statistics, Track and Cross Country

Parkway Individual Accolades

State Champions

2014-Hayden Kingfisher (5A)

2014-Sara Funderburk (5A)

2008-Matt Wolfe (4A)

2005-Claire Clark (4A)

1999-Joey Lanzilotti (4A)

State Medalists

2014-Hayden Kingfisher (1st), Sara Funderburk (1st)

2012-Alison Ringle (2nd)

2010-Steven Harville (3rd), Alison Ringle (2nd), Alayna Nevins (3rd)

2008-Matt Wolfe (1st)

2007-Matt Wolfe (3rd)

2006-Claire Clark (2nd)

2005-Claire Clark (1st)

2004-Michael Haydel (2nd)

1999-Joey Lanzillotti (1st)

1989 Susan Gorman (2nd)

All-State Team

2016-Cameron Rogers, Adrianna Wilder

2014-Hayden Kingfisher, Sara Funderburk

2013-Hayden Kingfisher, Alison Ringle, Sara Funderburk

2012-Hayden Kingfisher, Alison Ringle, Alayna Nevins

2010-Steven Harville, Jay Meehan, Alison Ringle, Alayna Nevins

2008-Matt Wolfe

2007-Matt Wolfe, Morgan Hanson, Olivia Ditt

2006-Claire Clark

2005-Kamren Johnston, Claire Clark

2004-Michael Haydel, Billy Daniel, Claire Clark

2003-Billy Daniel

2002-Billy Daniel

1999-Joey Lanzillotti

1989-Susan Gorman

All-State Composite Team (Top 25 runners in all classes combined)

2016-Cameron Rogers, Andrew Robinson, Adrianna Wilder

2014-Hayden Kingfisher, Jacob Hammons, Sara Funderburk

2013-Hayden Kingfisher, Alison Ringle, Sara Funderburk

2012-Hayden Kingfisher, Alison Ringle, Alayna Nevins, Jayni Wilcher

2011-Alison RIngle

2010-Alison Ringle

1-5A All-District Team

2016 Boys-Cole Billiot (MVP), Cameron Rogers. David Morgan, Andrew Robinson, Christian Nevins

2016 Girls-Adrianna Wilder (MVP), Lindsey Hutcheson, Carly Hanson, Keely Reed 

2015 Boys-Jacob Hammons (MVP), Cole Billiot, Cameron Rogers, Tyler Kruithof, Andrew Robinson, Steven Sarvis

2015 Girls-Sara Funderburk (MVP), Celeste Cordova, Cassidy Cummings, Kenzie Langen, Lindsey Hutcheson, Rylie McConnell, Carly Hanson 

2014 Boys-Hayden Kingfisher (MVP), Jacob Hammons, Cole Billiot, Nathan Poovey, Prynce Fant, DJ Morgan, Cameron Rogers

2014 Girls-Sara Funderburk (MVP), Ariel McGaffey, Kenzie Langen, Celeste Cordova, Lindsey Hutcheson, Rylie McConnell, Morgan Ersoff

2013 Boys-Hayden Kingfisher (MVP), Nathan Poovey

2013 Girls-Alison Ringle (MVP), Sara Funderburk, Ariel McGaffey, Jayni Wilcher, Jessica McGuffee, Destiny McGaffey, Cassidy Cummings, Rylie McConnell

2012 Boys-Hayden Kingfisher, Taylor Bazo, Skylor Reese, Chance Vatovec

2012 Girls-Alison Ringle (MVP), Jayni Wilcher, Sara Funderburk, Destiny McGaffey, Jessica McGuffee

2011 Boys-Hayden Kingfisher, Steven Harville, Taylor Bazo, Chance Vatovec, Chase Livesay

2011 Girls-Alison Ringle (MVP), Jayni Wilcher, Delilah Montero, Alayna Nevins


Parkway Sweeps Calvary Meet


Parkway swept the Calvary Invitational cross country meet Saturday.

The Parkway boys scored 35 points to 44 for runner-up Byrd. Haughton finished fourth with 116.

The Parkway girls scored 22 points. Cedar Creek finished a distant second with 75. Haughton was fifth with 135.

Four Parkway runners finished in the top 10 in the boys’ division. Hayden Kingfisher was second, covering the 3-mile course in 16 minutes, 9 seconds. Byrd’s Daniel Tanner won in 15:46.

Other Parkway runners in the top 10 were Zac Funderburk (sixth, 17:52), Nathan Poovey (seventh, 17:55) and David Morgan (10th, 18:14). Keith Billiot (12th, 18:30) was also in the scoring as Parkway’s No. 5 finisher. Haughton’s Zach Smith finished fifth in 17:45.

Parkway’s Alison Ringle, the 2012 Class 5A state runner-up, took the girls’ individual title in 17:53, easily outdistancing runner-up Kaitlin Tanner of Loyola (19:05).

Parkway’s Sara Funderburk was third in 19:38. Four other Lady Panthers finished in the top 10 — Destiny McGaffey (fifth, 20:52.19), Ariel McGaffey (sixth, 20:52.50), Cassidy Cummings (seventh, 21:10) and Rylie McConnell (ninth, 21:32).

Haughton’s Hannah Logan finished eighth in 21:19. Teammate Britnee Roldan finished 13th in 22:08.

Parkway Goes the Distance Again for a Good Cause

Russell Hedges

For the fourth year in a row, the Parkway High cross country team will be ‘Going the Distance’ for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

The event will again be held at Preston Crownover Stadium. The 7 p.m. Friday start will coincide with the kickoff of Parkway’s season-opening football game against Calvary Baptist.

The idea is to have someone moving on the track for 24 hours. The Parkway cross country team along with other selected individuals will run during the game. Afterward, anyone can participate by scheduling a time or just showing up.

Participants, who can run or walk for as many laps as they wish, are asked to donate what they can, but anyone who donates a minimum of $15 will receive a free t-shirt.

All proceeds go to St. Jude, which offers free treatment for children with cancer. The event has raised more than $76,000 in the last three years. Parkway coach Kent Falting said the goal this year is to reach $100,000.

About four years ago, Falting and girls basketball coach Aaron Magee used to take nightly walks together during the summer.

It was during one of those walks that they came up with the idea for “Going the Distance.”

“We were trying to come up with an idea for a way to get our kids to sacrifice themselves for someone else,” Falting said.

“We had a lot of kids at Parkway who had been diagnosed with cancer the last couple of years before that.”

One of the things that attracted Falting to St. Jude is that it shares all its research and discoveries with other hospitals for free.

Before Friday’s game, balloons will be released to honor the memory of Odie Harris, an Elm Grove student who died of cancer a few years ago.

Messages can be added to the balloons for a $2 donation. All of those donations will go to St. Jude in Harris’ name.

Food and drinks will be provided for free throughout the event.

Falting says local companies have donated $4,500 to cover the expense of the t-shirts.

They are Dale’s Paving, Chevyland, Magnolia Custom Builders, Mane Cuts, Smartphone Specialists, TNT Sports Bar, Moe’s, Studio Graphics and Anytime Fitness.


Parkway sweeps LSU meet

Parkway swept the boys’ and girls’ team titles in the LSU Invitational cross country meet Saturday in Baton Rouge.

The Parkway boys scored 57 points to 74 for runner-up Ruston and 77 for third-place Byrd.

The Parkway girls scored 35 points to edge runner-up Ruston by three points. It was the Lady Panthers’ second team title in as many meets.

Parkway junior Alison Ringle won the individual girls’ title, covering the 5K Highland Road Park course in 19 minutes, 12.3 seconds. She finished about 1:25 in front of runner-up Adaiza Austin of Ruston.  It was Ringle’s second victory this season.

Three other Lady Panthers finished in the top 10 — Alayna Nevins (fifth, 20:54.3), Jayni Wilcher (sixth, 21:04.8) and Sara Funderburk (ninth, 21:37.7).  Kaleigh Newman (21st, 23:25.7) was the Panthers’ fifth scorer.

Parkway sophomore Hayden Kingfisher finished runner-up out of 137 competitors in the boys’ division. He ran a 16:49.6. Lakeside’s Enrique Soto won in 16:05.0.

Parkway’s Taylor Bazo finished ninth in 17:40.9.

Other Panthers in the scoring were Lucas Moncla (12th, 17:51.7), Chance Vatovec (16th, 18:05.3) and Skylor Reese (18th, 18:16.8).

It was the first title of the season for the Parkway boys, who finished second in the Calvary Baptist Invitational.

The Parkway girls are ranked third in the state in’s power rankings and the boys are ranked fifth. 


Parkway teams off to fast start


Parkway opened the 2012 cross country season in impressive fashion Saturday in the Calvary Baptist Invitational.

Parkway won the  girls’ division and finished second in the boys’. Nine schools fielded teams.

The Parkway girls scored 27 points to 65 for runner-up West Monroe. Low score wins in cross country.

The Parkway boys scored 48 points. Champion West Monroe had 30.

Parkway junior Alison Ringle took the girls’ individual title with a time of 18 minutes, 27 seconds over the 3-mile course.

Ringle finished 24 seconds ahead of runner-up Kaitlin Tanner of Loyola. Calvary’s Hailey Hesterman took third in 19:04.

Lady Panther runners took four of the top eight spots. Alayna Nevins finished sixth in 20:44, Jayni Wilcher seventh in 21:02 and Sara Funderburk eighth in 21:08. Kayleigh Newman also figured in the scoring, finishing 16th in 22:34.

Sophomore Hayden Kingfisher led the Parkway boys with a fifth-place finish in 15:59.  Lakeside’s Enrique Soto won in 15:26.

Parkway’s Taylor Bazo was ninth in 16:33. Teammates Lucas Moncla (16:56), Chance Vatovec (17:07), Chase Livesay (17:14) and Skylar Reese  (17:18) finished 11th through 14th, respectively.


Jason Pugh: Parkway cross country goes distance for St. Jude

 5:37 PM, Sep 4, 2012   |  



  A word of warning for those who attend Friday night’s Farmerville-Parkway game at Bossier City’s Preston Crownover Stadium — the people walking the track during the game know exactly what they’re doing and for whom they’re doing it.

For the third consecutive season, Parkway cross country coach Kent Falting’s team and volunteers will circle the track for 24 hours beginning at 7 p.m. Friday, the same time Parkway kicks off against Farmerville in the Panthers’ home opener. The proceeds go to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tenn., where children battling cancer are treated payment free.

Neither Falting nor Parkway head girls basketball coach Aaron Megee had family members who spent time at St. Jude, but took inspiration from a simple activity they both enjoy.

 “A couple of summers ago, we went walking every night,” Falting said. “I had this idea I ran by him. I was looking for some sort of community service project my cross country kids could do so they could stop thinking about themselves and commit themselves to others.”

 More than $50,000 later, the school’s commitment is clear.

 As the donations climbed, Falting has racheted up his goals for the event.

 Log onto and you will see a goal of $100,000.

 Considering the event pulled in a combined $50,000 the last two years, it is a calculated jump Falting wanted to take.

 He likened it to coaching his cross-country runners.

 “Everyone has a wall in cross country,” Falting said. “They think, ‘Oh I can’t run 3 miles in 16 minutes,’ or, ‘I can’t run 3 miles in 21 minutes.’ They can never hit that goal once they think like that. When they finally break through that barrier, they saw a huge drop in times. They realized you don’t have to put that limitation on themselves. It’s the same kind of mind-set.”

 Falting expanded his use of social media to promote this year’s event, setting up a Facebook page to spread the word.

Two summers ago, Falting, who led Parkway’s boys to the 2010 Class 4A state championship, visited St. Jude and saw first-hand how much the money raised in Bossier City was helping chip away at the $2 million-plus-per-day operating costs of the facility.

 That good karma has made it back to the stadium track almost without fail the last two years.

 “Since this has started, every year people from St. Jude have shown up for this event,” Falting said. “By the time it’s over, a kid from St. Jude has been there for us to give the check to. It’s pretty amazing how it’s happened.”


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